The FBH ecosystem will be fully used in the entire artificial intelligence field through the decentralization,
de-trust, distributed ledger, and smart contracts of the blockchain, reshaping the new ecology of the artificial
intelligence industry. By constructing trust mechanism, sharing mechanism, traceability mechanism, data analysis
mechanism and payment circulation mechanism, it is applied in the distributed shared artificial intelligence industry
to form a fair, just, open and trusted global artificial intelligence data service ecosystem.
Value Consensus Network
The mobile phone chain is built on block chain technology based on value consensus, eliminating all centralization costs and channel costs to make the world a better place.
User Security Protection
Based on the asymmetric encryption mechanism of the private key and public key, the privacy of the user is completely under the control and management of its private key. No one can steal users’ personal privacy information without authorization.。
Establish credit
Base on days destroyed, credit records are save forever cross platform and time zone, which means all the records, cannot be changed.
  • Publish Whitepaper
    April 2018
  • Token Recycle phone goes online
    Aug 2018
  • Token phone market goes online
    Oct 2018
  • Wallet client test goes online
    Mar 2019
  • Decentralization of second-hand mobile phone trading The platform main chain test is online
    June 2019
  • 10 million units are traded annually
    December 2019
  • 20 million units are traded annually
    December 2020